Worlds start 2018 lol

Worlds event loot and missions

On 26th September Riot announced new event “with tons of rewards” to celebrate LoL World Championship. Both free and paid users can participate, but free user can get only 360 tokens from missions, compared to the prices of the loot it feels very lackluster for few weeks of grinding. Paid users Read more…

Worlds start 2018 lol
League of legends

LoL Worlds start

League of Legends Worlds Championship is the biggest LoL tournament with last years 5 million dollars prize pool and whopping 80+ milion viewers in 2017. Commonly called Worlds in short from League of Legends World Championship. 2018 Worlds will start 1st October in South Korea first time since 2014.   Read more…


Odyssey Loot

Riot released an event called Odyssey in order to promote their new line of skins. To celebrate that you will be able to earn Odyssey tokens for missions in both matchmade competetive games and in Odyssey game mode.   You can spend Odyssey tokens for the following loot: Odyssey orb: Read more…

LoL Ranks

LoL ranks and how to climb

Introduction LoL ranks are part of League of Legends ranking system that is a slight alternation of Elo rating system used in chess and other games. Back in the first seasons, your ranking was shown as the number of ELO points you have, after first seasons Riot decided to introduce Read more…