I’ve prepared a compendium of upcoming changes in season 9 in League of Legends. There aren’t many pieces of information on the gameplay changes yet, but Riot released a number of competitive and ranked information sometime in April.

Life quality changes for new players

A next meme is facing near death with the rework of completely outdated tutorial and tooltip system. The new iteration should give us a more streamlined experience that doesn’t require a friend to teach you the game.

Changes in placements

Next season instead of being unranked you will receive a provisional rank based on your rank in a previous season that you can’t place below. For the remainder of placements, you will gain accelerated LP and losses won’t count against you.

Changes in ranks

Starting next season each position that you pick during champion select will have a separate rank.

Tier changes

Riot decided to add two new tiers probably between diamond and master, gold and platinum due to huge skill differences between this tiers. At the same time, each tier will consist of only 4 instead of 5 divisions.

New season structure

Season 9 will consist of 3 splits during which your border will reflect a live state of your rank. Participating in each split will evolve your border and emblems. Your rank won’t reset between splits and there will still be an end of season rewards after a 3rd split.


I will continue to update this article as riot releases more information on the new season.


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