Coaching – 1 hour game review

30.00 $ 20.00 $


One hour of coaching with our top boosters


During VOD review our professional coach will join you on voice channel and go through one of your recorded games with you pointing out your mistakes and giving you tips. This coaching is truly unique experience because not only you get high elo player coaching you but the one who has experience of thousands of games in all ELOs so he has wide knowledge on how players from different divisions think and react.

Coaching overview:

  • During loading you will go through:
    • What are win conditions for both teams
    • Matchups
    • Your rune choices
    • Counters
    • Boosters expectation how the game will unravel.
  • When game loads you will find out:
    • What items you should start with
    • What can you expect from your enemy during early levels
    • How should you position realative to jungle/lane dynamic
  • During early levels we will focus primarly on:
    • Your positioning during laning phase
    • Whether you should push, freeze or last hit
    • Your mouse movements (Thats why we prefer VOD over replay file)
    • Jungler tracking
    • Proper warding timings and warding spots
  • In mid game you will learn:
    • How to properly catch waves and not fall behind in CS
    • Proper macro decisions you should make and how to shotcall
    • What playstyle should your team apply to win: split pushing, team fighting, picking enemies, sieging
  • In lategame:
    • How to position in teamfights
    • How to win vs different strategies enemy team can employ

Additionaly we supply you with psychological and emotional tips on how to not tilt, how to train as a professional player and much more. Learn how challengers think for just 18$