Why our Elo boost is different and how we keep your account safe

We're an experienced boosting organisation with over 400 orders completed and without a single ban for account sharing. We pick each booster with great care to guarantee a professional service.


On average it takes us under 1 minute to respond to your messages.

Only high elo boosters

Due to strict standards we hire only Diamond 1+ players in League, 6500 ELO for dota 2 and Global Elite only for CSGO.

Loyalty Program

Progress through 3 customer ranks each giving you permanent 5% discount on all products.


90% of orders are started within 60 minutes from purchase

Low ban rate

We had 0 bans for account sharing this entire season!


We use high quality paid VPN with over 500 locations to pick from.

Discord bot

Our custom made bot will allow you to contact your booster and check if he's currently in game and much more!

Invisible mode

To prevent any troublesome messages we always appear offline to your friends during boosting.

Mimick my playstyle option

We can play champions and roles that you play to reduce the chance of ban!

Odyssey Loot

Riot released an event called Odyssey in order to promote …

Chivalrous Boosting was made to make a difference in the world of ELO boosting with superb security, customer satisfaction and additional content. We are legally operating company and all our payments are secured by PayPal meaning your payment information is 100% safe and our website is secured with SSL certificate for further safety. If you are still not convinced check some of our MMR boosting reviews collected by independent review collector: TrustPilot or our vouches on reddit and epvp.

Boosting - service of increasing a customers rank to the desired level by solo or duo method. Read more here.

90% of boosting orders starts in less than 60 minutes from purchase. Strict role, champion restrictions and some of the high ELO duoq boosts may have a slightly longer waiting time.

Currently available discounts for boosting: Boost4Vouch for 5% off

Our favorite reviews of our LoL Elo boosting service

Let our previous experiences speak on our behalf:


ADC, Caitlyn main

Got my lol boost from P5 to D5 in no time with 94% win rate on khazix, the owner and the booster were nice and friendly. I'd recommend this guys to anyone looking for boosting and coaching service <3"

Nighty Night

Nighty Night

Mid laner, Viktor main

" I don't think I have ever seen anyone as good at LoL Elo Boosting as this guy. His ability to turn bad situations around has me calling him the magician. His expertise on the rift is a marvel to behold. He is a force unto himself, tearing down the gates like a 16th century trebuchet. Not only are his skills on the rift utterly insane, he is a nice guy with the work ethic of a peasant Chinese man working the rice fields. It was an absolute pleasure playing with him and I can't recommend him enough. 10/10 and I will probably name my first born after him."



Support, Thresh main

I was discouraged from boosting in general after i got scammed a first couple times. I'm glad I've found this company they finished my net wins in no time. Every time i have a stressful promotion I just buy a couple of net wins :)

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